Herreshoff Pram Dinghy


This pram dinghy was designed by the famous L. Francis Herreshoff specifically for BOUNTY, his 52-foot schooner yacht. Legendary Yachts. Inc. of Washougal, Washington built an updated version of BOUNTY and commissioned me to build the pram dinghy for the BOUNTY.

The replica dinghy is actually constructed of plywood planking glued along the laps, but care was taken to make the completed boat look as traditional as possible, so steam-bent ribs of locust were installed. Herreshoff called for a rowing bench in the design (not shown) with four different sets of oarlocks and cutouts in the floorboards for bracing one's feet. The floorboards, thwarts and transoms are Honduras mahogany; the knees are grown apple crooks.

The owners specified okume marine plywood planking, the bottom plank being a double layer. The glued lapstrake construction results in a strong, stiff and completely watertight hull. With frames bent inside the hull it is difficult to tell that the boat is not traditionally built, one of the features about this construction method that I particularly like.

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